Sample Menu

Sample Menu

Spring/Summer Menu 2021

*Pescatarian, with lots of vegetarian in between, and gluten free


Salad menu 

Frenchie (gf)

Buckwheat- avocado- tuna tataki- black olive- capers- gem lettuce- cherry toms- chives -blanched green beans – boiled egg – red onion- mung bean sprouts – 

balsamic tarragon vinaigrette 


Italian Stallion (vegetarian/vegan/gf)

Ribbon massaged Kale-white bean-sun dried tomato-hemp hearts- red onion- cherry tomato- olives- pumpkin seed- basil- pine nuts- balsamic tarrogan vinaigrette 



Kale Caesar (vegetarian/gf)

Ribbon massaged Kale- jalepeno- mint- hemp hearts- shaved broccoli- sesame seed- sunflower seed- cherry tomato- avocado- vegan Parmesan- radish- Caesar dressing- gf sourdough croutons



Mexican Trinity (vegetarian/vegan/gf)

Gem lettuce- cherry tomato- avocado- jalepeno- coriander- red onion- sweet corn- spicy seeds- spicy black beans- quinoa (cooked in veg broth)- crushed pecans- vegan feta- jalepeno avocado vinaigrette 



My Thai (vegetarian/vegan/gf)

Green mango or papaya- cherry tomato- shaved carrot- crushed cashew- enoki mushroom- pumpkin seeds- thai basil/coriander/lemongrass vinaigrette 

Tom yum dressing 



Toush’ Fa 

Butterfly prawns- ribbon romaine- radish- pickled red onion- cherry tomato- cucumber- zhatar- sumac- dill- parsley- mint- pita chips- pomegranate- sesame seed- chick pea couscous 

Pomegranate vinaigrette 


Soul Mama (vegetarian/gf)

Ribbon romaine- sweetcorn- roasted okra- black eyed peas- cubed roast sweet potato- fried tofu ‘chicken’- hot pickled watermelon/ or red onion (seasonal) 

Creamy tobasco dressing  


Kyoto (vegetarian/vegan/gf)

Ribbon spinach- enoki- roasted mushrooms- cubed roasted miso tempeh- cubed roasted sweet potato- chives- spring onion- shredded pickled carrot- marinated seaweed- adzuki beans 

Miso carrot dressing 


Tuscan (vegetarian/vegan/gf)

Artichoke hearts- blanched french beans- cannellini beans- poached salmon- cherry tomatoes- frisée- green olives- fried capers and leeks 

Olive oil and lemon


Waldorf Kale (gf)

Grapes- celery- massaged kale- hemp hearts- poached baby shrimp- green olives- crushed pecans- green apples- chives or greek basil 

Green goddess dressing


Lefkada (vegetarian/vegan/gf)

Gem Lettuce- crumbled vegan feta- cucumber- cherry tomato- Greek feta- cubed basil tofu- oregano- roasted chickpeas

Olive oil and lemon

Alternative dressings (can switch out) 

Green goddess (vegan)

Lemon olive oil (vegan)

Truffle (premium 1£) (vegan)

Miso carrot (vegan)

Caesar (vegetarian)

Creamy tobacco (vegetarian)

Avo jalepeno (Vegan)



Spring Minestrone soup with seasonal vegetables and legumes (vegetarian/vegan/gf)


Mexican Gazpacho– topped with white bean, avocado, shaved corn, pumpkin seeds- crumbled vegan feta (vegetarian/vegan/gf)


Green Goddess– topped with cubed tofu, Hemp hearts, sunflower seeds, (cold or hot) (vegetarian/vegan/gf)


Truffled Cauliflower Soup– topped with roasted crispy mushrooms, pumpkin seeds (vegetarian/vegan/gf)


Roasted Indian Cauliflower Soup topped with spicy sunflower seeds, gf croutons (vegetarian/vegan/gf)


Vegan and Vegetarian Proteins

(on offer within full meal programs or upon request)

Baked falafels 


Spicy Mexican black bean burger 


Braised Cannellini Beans with warm spices


Fried ‘Chicken’ Tofu


Spicy Shredded Mexican tofu


Miso Roasted Tempeh 


Vegan Oven Roasted Sausage 


Indian Spiced Red Lentils


Adzuki Beans cooked in vegan pho broth


Vegan Mince (Bolognese style) served with Red lentil Fusili


Vegan Mince Burger served with grilled red onion/tomato/gf brioche bun


Vegan Koftas Greek style served with tzatziki yoghurt



Vegetarian Vegetable Sides

(on offer within full meal programs/or upon request)

*Gluten free

Braised kale and buckwheat in vegetarian broth with crispy leeks and garlic


Minted Peas


Minted Asparagus/edamame/pea pilaf


Mexican Red Cabbage Slaw


Baked Broccoli Florets with hemp hearts and nigella seed


Black & White Sesame Green Beans


Roasted Mixed Mushrooms with garlic and thyme


Roasted Cubed Aubergine with pomegranate and yoghurt


Grilled Asparagus, vegan parmesan


Beet Salad, grilled fennel, dill, orange



Vegetarian Starch Sides

(on offer within full meal programs/or upon request)

*Gluten free


Roasted honey mustard carrots


Whole roasted Carrots, warm spices


Roasted crispy new potatoes with oregano and garlic


Curried whole roasted cauliflower with flaked almonds and coriander


Paprika cauliflower florets with green onion and coriander


Mexican rainbow potato salad


Salt baked grilled celeriac


Quinoa Pilaf cooked in vegetable broth with shallot and garlic


Chickpea cousous with miso and tamari, sesame


Buckwheat pilaf cooked in vegetable broth with shallot and garlic


Grilled corgette wafers, oregano



Pescatarian Mains (a mix of veg and fish)

*Sample menu for Spring/Summer 2021

*Gluten Free


Mushroom Bolognese– bean based pasta, minted peas 



Mexican Roasted Jumbo Prawns with Mexican slaw and pickled okra, creamed corn 



Baked Falafels with beetroot hummus

Massaged kale slaw with broccoli, cherry tomatoes, crunchy flatbread croutons, cucumber, zhat’ar



Oven Roasted Miso Cod, sesame asparagus, whole roasted carrot/dashi broth with chive and lime zest



Pesto Corgetti with cherry tomatoes, black olives, vegan parmesan, pan fried baby shrimps, fried capers 



Grilled Sea Bream, fine green beans with shallot, honey dijon carrots with dill



Chili Oil Wontons with chopped scallops 

Stewed kale with crispy leeks and garlic



Seasonal Veggie Tray Bake – roast sausages and/or tempeh



Red Lentil & Carrot Curry cooked in veg broth with garlic, nigella seeds/ cardamon/ cumin/ coriander, served with lightly braised leek, runner beans, peas, sugar snaps 

Chickpea couscous

Top with raw seeds, sesame oil, hemp

Crumbled vegan feta 



Shaved raw Brussel sprouts, vegan parmesan, finely chopped green olives, crushed cashew

Gf sourdough toast (to make two bruschetta)



Indian Spiced Whole Roasted Cauliflower, pan fried sea bass, spicy-sour chickpea and broccoli chana-chaat salad



Cauliflower Crust Margherita Pizza with vegan mozzarella and Vegan Salami


Rocket salad with vegan parmesan and gf sourdough croutons



Vegan lasagna with corgette and cashew cheese



Carrot, Onion, & Corgette Bhajis, tzatziki sauce, Kale ‘slaw’ with quick pan-fried calamari   



Spring Risotto with Asparagus, peas, edamame, and mint, vegan parmesan, poached salmon


Four Avocados

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