How It Works

How It Works

How It Works

We are a nutrition and plant-focused meal delivery service that works like having your own private chef and nutritionist. The only difference is we make your food in our kitchen. You decide your menu, and we deliver your freshly prepared meal at your chosen time. You can also choose a tailor-made program, designed specifically around your requirements. This is good for clients who have specific concerns or diets they need to follow. We work with every dietary issue, and there is not a problem that we don’t try to find a solution for.

You can also choose from a six-week rotating menu organized into four categories that best suits your lifestyle. Within these four categories, you can choose vegan, vegetarian, or you can add fish or meat at an additional cost. We pay close attention to food allergies, intolerances, and special requirements. Everything is hand-labeled and color coded so there is no confusion when it is all neatly stacked up in your fridge.


*The Seasonal Signature  is a perfectly balanced menu based around plants packed with essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein.  


*The Weight-loss + Detox  is one month of cleaning up your lifestyle, but without starving yourself; keeping your body nourished and full of energy. This is basically a re-start button for your system when it needs a little extra care. We suggest you take the minimum of lunch and dinner options in this category for maximum results.


*The Lean and Fit is athlete orientated, designed for people training heavily that need a higher caloric intake and additional protein for extra energy to spend.


*The Salad Service is a service based around salad bowls that are complete meals for salad lovers. This is a great option for people working in the office or at home that need a nutrient dense but quick and filling meal to get through the day.

You simply choose how many times per week you want your meals, and how many meals you want in your delivery. There are add-ons and take-aways, to ensure your menu is tailored to you as much as possible. You can contact the Chef directly for specifics that may not be aptly explainable via the website form. 


*We are able to do special events and large dinner parties, but we need advance notice. If interested, send us an inquiry.

*We can offer in-house private chef work, please inquire via the contact form.

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