Salad Service

Salad Service

Salad Service

Salad Service 


This program is for salad lovers. These bowls are giant gourmet plant-based salads packed with a diverse rainbow of ingredients based around a themed flavor profile. This a good program for clients who already eat healthy, but would like a little help in the kitchen, as well as increasing their food intake diversity and nutrient levels. Our only requirement is a minimum order of three salads per week. Animal protein additions can be added for a premium charge. Because of the diversity of ingredients, there can sometimes be replacement items, but we always try to get the next best seasonal option.

Spring/Summer 2022 Salad Menu

Salad Bowl Menu 

Summer in Love (Vegetarian/vegan/gf)

Watermelon- tomato- cucumber- mint- dill- feta- pumpkin seeds toasted flat bread chips with sumac- smoked tofu Tzatziki


Siena (Vegetarian/vegan/gf)

Figs crumbled Cornish blue cheese- mint- red radicchio- baby gem- grilled corgette- walnuts- honey balsamic dressing


Garden (Vegetarian/vegan/gf)

Grilled fennel, grilled corgette, braised baby artichoke, peas, red radicchio, red lentils cooked with tomato and fennel seeds, shaved pecorino, parsley, mint, dill

Lemon olive oil


Frenchie (vegetarian/gf)

Buckwheat- avocado- roasted mushrooms- black olive- capers- gem lettuce- cherry toms- chives -blanched green beans – boiled egg – red onion mung bean sprouts – 

balsamic tarragon vinaigrette 


Italian Stallion (vegetarian/vegan/gf)

Ribbon massaged kale-white bean-sun dried tomato-hemp hearts- red onion- cherry tomato- olives- pumpkin seed- basil- pine nuts- balsamic tarrogan vinaigrette 


Kale Caesar (vegetarian/gf)

Ribbon massaged kale- jalepeno- mint- hemp hearts- shaved broccoli- sesame seed- sunflower seed- cherry tomato- avocado- vegan Parmesan- radish- Caesar dressing- gf sourdough croutons


Mexican Trinity (vegetarian/vegan/gf)

Gem lettuce- cherry tomato- avocado- jalepeno- coriander- red onion- sweet corn- spicy seeds- spicy black beans- quinoa (cooked in veg broth)- crushed pecans- vegan feta- jalepeno avocado vinaigrette 


My Thai (vegetarian/vegan/gf)

Green mango or papaya- cherry tomato- shaved carrot- crushed cashew- enoki mushroom- pumpkin seeds- Thai basil/coriander/lemongrass vinaigrette 

Tom yum dressing 


Toush’ Fa (vegetarian/vegan)

Chickpeas- ribbon romaine- radish- pickled red onion- cherry tomato- cucumber- zhatar- sumac- dill- parsley-  mint- pita chips- pomegranate- sesame seed- chick pea couscous 

Pomegranate vinaigrette 


Soul Mama (vegetarian/gf)

Ribbon romaine- sweetcorn- roasted okra- black eyed peas- cubed roast sweet potato- fried tofu ‘chicken’- hot pickled watermelon/ or red onion (seasonal) 

Creamy tobasco dressing  


Kyoto (vegetarian/vegan/gf)

Ribbon spinach- enoki- roasted mushrooms- cubed roasted miso tempeh- cubed roasted sweet potato- chives- spring onion- shredded pickled carrot- marinated seaweed- adzuki beans 

Miso carrot dressing 


Tuscany (vegetarian/vegan/gf)

Artichoke hearts- blanched french beans- cannellini beans- vegan salami- cherry tomatoes- frisée- green olives- fried capers and leeks 

Olive oil and lemon


Chana Chaat (Vegetarian/vegan/gf)

Red lentil rice- crispy puffed wild rice- baked spiced chickpeas- coriander chutney- yoghurt and tamarind sauce-  crushed cashew- sweet potato wedges- green mango (seasonal)- red onion- mint- diced cucumber- green chili


Waldorf Kale (Vegetarian/vegan/gf)

Grapes- celery- massaged kale- hemp hearts- vegan cold cuts- green olives- crushed pecans- green apples- chives or Greek basil 

Green goddess dressing


Lefkada (vegetarian/vegan/gf)

Gem Lettuce- crumbled vegan feta- cucumber- cherry tomato- Greek feta- cubed basil tofu- oregano- roasted chickpeas

Olive oil and lemon


Probiotic Mediterranean (vegetarian/vegan/gf)

Chickpea couscous- parsley/dill/coriander- shaved broccoli and cauliflower- sun dried tomatoes- sunflower, sesame, and pumpkin seeds- hemp hearts- red onion- red cabbage kraut- green olives- cubed tofu- yoghurt harissa dressing


Micro Flow (vegetarian/vegan/gf)

Red Cabbage Kraut- shaved cauliflower- crushed walnuts- tomato- red lentils-hemp hearts- dill/mint- red onion- avocado- red lentil rice- edamame- peas- sunflower seeds

Olive oil and lemon



Alternative dressings (can switch out) 

  • Green goddess (vegan)
  • Green goddess ranch (vegan)
  • Lemon olive oil (vegan)
  • Truffle (premium 1£) (vegan)
  • Miso carrot (vegan)
  • Honey mustard spice (vegan)
  • Caesar (vegetarian)
  • Creamy tobasco (vegetarian)
  • Avo jalepeno (vegan)
  • Tahini tomato salsa (vegan)


Protein upgrades (NOT vegetarian)

*Recommended to be treated as a special treat

*Other proteins can be done on special request


  • Butterfly sustainably sourced prawns, paprika 
  • Sustainably sourced pouched baby prawns
  • Chimmichurri baked organic chicken breast strips
  • Organic chicken spinach meatballs, hemp heart basil pecorino pesto
  • Organic tagliatelle steak fillet (served medium rare)
  • Grilled local mackerel fillet 
  • Sustainably sourced poached salmon/grilled salmon

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