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I offer a private chef and contemporary catering service in London, providing you with affordable gourmet “health-orientated” food in the comfort of your own home. I use the best local ingredients with emphasis on organic, health, and seasonal produce. Most of my cooking is a fusion of flavours, and can be entirely bespoke to meet your culinary and dietary requirements. I am hired to make private dinners cooked for you in your own home, and I also do weekly health orientated meals, made out of your kitchen, or as a drop off service based around your eating habits and health concerns. I am capable of events both small and large. I also do private cooking classes to teach you what you need to know to eat healthfully, or if you simply want to learn more about exotic cuisines.

On this site you will find recipes of foods that I cook, restaurant reviews (rated using my own avocado rating system), recommended cook books and other nutritional resources and advice.

Tytania Rose - London based Private ChefI have always had a strong passion for food, nutrition, and health stemming from my early work as a model and dancer, therefore having to watch everything I ate. Then I realized I had food sensitivities to gluten and dairy, which pushed my research and understanding even further. I specialize in making International Gourmet “Health” Food. I am fascinated by food and its constant source of possibilities that deeply inspire my creativity. My rule is that food that is good for you does not need to taste like you are missing out on something, but that it can stand out with distinction and still have excellent flavour. I am constantly exploring new techniques, foods, cultures, and combinations. I have a background in design, so I try my best to treat my work as a Private Chef like an artist would his canvas.

Japanese salmon stir fry - Chef Services London Grilled mackerel with lemon - London Chef

I have worked with many diverse diets from weight loss, FODMAP, celeriac, gluten and dairy free, macrobiotic, vegetarian, diabetic, Dr. Sebi’s cell food alkaline diet, athletes and performance, and insulin resistant. I have worked with clients in my native New York City, Los Angeles, Milan, and London, where I currently reside. I have travelled extensively and my knowledge of food and wine span from Italy and the Mediterranean, Arabic/Middle Eastern, North African, Southeast Asia, Japan, India, and the Americas. I am particularly well skilled at creating a bespoke menu around a dietary issue and turning it into a delicious solution. My clients range from famous athletes, busy professionals, royalty, to the common family in need of a healthy alternative.

Mixed Salad Healthy bites made by your very own Private Chef Fresh Salads made to perfection by your very own London Chef

I was raised as a vegetarian for the most part and I have a true respect and delight for fresh, in season, local, and organic produce. I am, however, wide open and will try anything once. I admittedly adore any type of fish, vegetable, or seafood and so this is my speciality. But I can also cook poultry and meat, with just as much love, upon request.

Tasty Spaghetti vongole - meals made to order by your Private Chef Southern style oysters

I studied at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City, where I went on to work as a private chef for a couple of years and studied Nutrition at Leith’s in London.

fouravocados asparagus asian salad - private chef in london

I also really love sharing about my passion for food through my writing, and I truly hope you find some time to try out some of my recipes and check out a few of my favorite restaurants.

prawn salad gourmet food cooked by your very own private chef

I offer private chef services with a focus in Central and West London including the areas of Holland Park, Kensington and Chelsea, Marylebone, Chiswick, and Notting Hill. We can develop a delivery or in-house service around your needs.

What services does a Private Chef provide?

I will work together with you to create a customized dinner or service that is entirely bespoke and based around your dietary needs and palette.

Each client for my weekly and delivery services include a consultation to design your service, diet counselling and advice where needed and when requested, grocery shopping, meal preparation, labelling, and kitchen clean up.

Prices very depending on the number of meals ordered and the needs and requests of each client. Additional sides, soups, salads, baked goods and desserts can always be added for an additional cost as these will take longer to prepare. Shopping is always fresh, seasonal, whole and organic produce unless otherwise requested or discussed.

I work in greater London, so if you live outside London, I will require transportation reimbursement as we do not have a car or van. Also, for dinner parties or functions for over six, there is a fee for extra staff.

My services include weekly delivery, Meal plan by the week cooked in house, Romantic or “Special” Dinner in house, Dinner parties and Brunches, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, and other such celebrations and events.

Still have questions?

Q. Who Needs a Private Chef?

A. This service works great for people who don’t know how to cook or have the desire to, but still want to eat healthy. Or maybe you simply don’t have the time to cook proper meals. This service also works great for families or individuals who require or desire a certain meal plan for diet and health reasons such as disabilities, disease, or weight loss. Since my focus is primarily on private dinners, it’s a great treat on occasion for something special or different.

Q. Is this affordable or just a luxury?

A. The cost is comparable to dinner in a neighborhood restaurant, but in the comfort of your home and with bespoke services to your diet and taste buds. On top of preparing delicious meals, the service saves you a lot of time, which can be quite valuable.

Restaurants can be very unhealthy on a day-to-day basis, and this allows you to alleviate frozen foods as well as rich and heavy take away from your diet. You are helping your body and your well being.

Q. Do I need to be at home when you are cooking?

A. No. Almost all my clients are working when I arrive, coming home to a stocked refrigerator full of beautifully cooked, labelled, and healthy meals. If it is a private dinner, I come when you would like me too, usually a couple of hours before you want the dinner served.

Q. Where do you shop?

A. This varies for every tailored service, and I am happy to go to your requested favorite shop or market. Otherwise, I always try to find fresh, organic, and seasonal produce and meat when available and within your budget.

Q. Do you have a sample menu?

A. Sure I do, click the following link for more information. Although these are just samples, I can create bespoke menu especially for you. Sample Menus

Contact me now, for an entirely bespoke meal based around your dietary needs

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