“Tytania was excellent. I was suffering from a chronic illness and she was a huge help in figuring out what foods I was able to tolerate. And once we had a list of foods she somehow magically turned them into wonderful meals. She is sincere, intelligent, and an excellent cook. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a healthy cook or caterer.”

Philip Hult, CEO
1 September, 2016

“Tytania designs wonderfully healthy menus and produces exquisite tasting food. She has reliably catered for a number of important functions and comes with a very high recommendation.”

Dr. Sheri Jacobson, Clinical Director

“Tytania has been working with me for over two years and it has been an excellent experience. Her cooking is amazing. She is also a great person.”

Nacer Chadli, Midfielder, Premier League Football, Tottenham