Vegan Gluten Free Raw Crackers

Vegan Gluten Free Raw Crackers 

These crackers are packed with micronutrients and all of the nutrition is in tact as it never is actually cooked, and therefore processed in your body and used as good fats. The slow dehydration process also aids in germinating or activating the nutrients inside the seeds. There are also a million different flavour combinations and nutrition combinations to mix things up.

(makes about two trays of crackers in the dehydrator)


1 cup of dessicated coconut

2 cups of walnuts or pecans

2 corgettes chopped roughly

5 cloves of garlic, shredded

½ cup ground flax seed

1 onion, diced roughly

1 cup of hemp seed hearts

1 ½ tsp Himalayan salt

2 tbsp dried basil

2 tbsp dried oregano


Blend ingredients until it is a fine paste/ dough. Spread over your dehydrator trays with plastic sheet underneath. Make an incision with a knife to carve out the cracker shapes. Dehydrate at 105 degrees for six hours. Gently lift crackers off the sheets and turn over. Cook again for another 10/12 hours.


Other variations- red pepper, tomato basil, carrot or veg pulp, chipotle powder, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, cashew and brazil nuts, paprika and sumac and zha’tar

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