Middle Eastern Lamb Neck
Note time: 24 hours in a water bath. Serves 4.   Therefore, you will want to plan ahead. It is a very easy recipe
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Bone Broth
Ingredients:   7/8 medium to large bones (cow/lamb/veal), preferably bones with marrow, knuckles, knees with collagen)1 bulb garlic10 peppercorns2 bay leafs2 carrots2 leeks Preheat
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Chicken Spinach Meatballs
Ingredients:   2 organic chicken breasts1 bunch of sage 2 tbsp dried oregano½ bag of frozen spinach, defrosted 1 cup rice crumbs4 cloves of
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Entrecote Steak
Ingredients:   2 cuts of entrecote steak, or thinly sliced ribeye5/6 tbsp rapeseed oil½ tsp Himalayan saltseveral cracks of fresh black pepper1 tbsp of
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Four Avocados

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