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Scott’s - 20 Mount Street London W1K2HE Reviewed by tytania on 4 November, 2012.

    The UK has one of the best sources of seafood I have come across, and the oysters and …

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Rating: 4




The UK has one of the best sources of seafood I have come across, and the oysters and crab are particularly stunning. So it’s always a treat to go to a London restaurant that specializes in the best quality seafood available, and that is exactly what Scotts is about. It is pure simplicity, allowing the freshness and quality to shine through. Who needs a sauce when you have fish this beautiful? But they do also feature some unusual delicacies cooked with great skill, really giving you a well-rounded menu for all seafood fanatics.

The room is quite lovely as well. It is buzzing with excitement and definitely a spot with a scene. There is a cool collection of art on the walls, including a lovely Brit Hume. There are banquettes everywhere so it is actually quite cozy, and it creates warmth to the room. In the center there is a beautiful raw bar if you want a more casual dinner, and where you can see all the fresh fish being prepared. It’s a good touch.

I wanted to start my dinner at Scotts with oysters, as they have such a good collection. But they also have a small selection of caviar and the traditional Plateau de fruits de mer for a more extravagant evening. The Dorset oysters were particularly creamy and fresh, with hints of the sea in its juices. It was served with a classic and simple red wine vinegar sauce with finely chopped shallot on the side, which suited it perfectly, giving it just the right bite to contrast with the oyster.

Dressed crab in London is very common and on loads of menus, but I figured that Scotts would have the one of the best, and it did not disappoint. The white meat is served plain but slightly dressed with a beautiful yet simple sauce oozing down the center, made from the brown meat and egg yolk. It is creamy and moist and absolutely sublime. The octopus carpaccio is also really impressive. Again, just very simple and elegant, allowing the freshness to really shout out to you. It is quite difficult in London to find good quality octopus, particularly carpaccio, so it’s always a treat to be able to order it outside of Italy and get something delicious. There is a great looking dish of sautéed monkfish cheeks served with a porcini sauce, which sounds amazing, but I have yet to try it. I am always impressed when there are cheeks on the menu, as it is the softest most delicious part of any fish. They don’t get enough attention considering how good they are, in fact, and it’s pleasing to see it at Scott’s.

I have to admit, it’s very difficult to order in this restaurant, as everything looks so divine. There are so many dishes I want to come back for, but I always end up with the sole in the end as it is done so well here. Eventually I will make my way through the mains but I am so satisfied with clean grilled sole, it’s hard to change. They have all varieties of sole, and they will cook it in almost any style you choose. And since the UK is the capital of sole, it truly is one of best fishes to eat whilst in London. I had mine simply grilled (creature of habit I suppose) and served with some lemon and a few sides. They have a great salsify and jerusalem artichoke side that I am particularly fond of, but you can also get classic sides like steamed or buttered spinach or cauliflower and cheese. It’s a lovely component to a simple grilled fish, and the portions are not gigantic so it allows you to try a few.

Scott’s is hands down one of my favorite places to eat in London. Perfection on so many levels. Period.

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