Orange Ginger Crunch Body Scrub

I always make my own body scrub, and recently ran out of my usual almond oil that I make it with. I had some avocado oil handy, and an orange that had one day left…this ended up being a really amazing combination with the ginger that I usually use. Dont do this every day, once a week is perfect. The sheen and softness of your new skin will make you very pleased…


350 grams coarse sea salt

150 grams brown sugar

peel of one orange/ and its juice

3 inch square of fresh ginger/chopped coarsely

200 ml of avocado oil

body scrub pic

Start with the ginger, peel, orange juice and sugar in a food processor. Add half the oil. Blend. Then add the salt and the rest of the oil. Keeps forever.



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