About Me

Tytania RoseI am an ambitious and passionate foodie, constantly exploring new techniques, foods, cultures, and combinations. I am fascinated by food and its constant source of possibilities that deeply inspire my creativity. I am an artist and designer by trade, but my love for food has pushed me to be the occasional private chef, obsessed with tasting new restaurants, and to have a general interest and passion in health and nutrition.

I was raised as a vegetarian for the most part and have a true respect and delight for fresh, in season, and organic produce. I am, however, wide open and will try anything once. I ADORE any type of fish or seafood.

I have travelled extensively, always taking classes and hanging around kitchens each place I stopped. Therefore, I have many ideas and recipes that I have collected, making me very excited to cook exotic cuisines. I studied at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City, where I went on to work as a private chef for a couple of years. Admittedly this Blog is more about my reviews and recipes, but I am always excited to get the opportunity to chef.

There is nothing more satisfying to me than creating a beautiful meal for friends, families, and clients. I also really love sharing about my passion for food through my writing, and I truly hope you find some time to try out some recipes and check out a few of my favorite restaurants.